Looking for psychological help after experiencing a loss or a crisis?

We provide professional psychological counseling.
The first session is free of charge, the next ones are 6€ per session.
You may meet a psychologist at the Center or get an online session by Skype.
Before the visit, please call us +370 640 51555 to ensure that the psychologist on duty is able to consult you in English.


About us

Crisis Intervention Center (CIC) provides anonymous, urgent and accessible professional psychological help. Trained crisis intervention specialists are available to assist you in working through all kinds of hard emotional experiences. We are open-minded and we respect every person regardless of his or her gender, sexual identity, sexual orientation, race, nationality, language, origin, social status, religion, beliefs or opinion.

In 2008 Crisis Intervention Center started its activity as a part of Center of Psychological Help for Youth. In 2014 CIC separated and now operates as independent non-governmental non-profit organization. It unites mental health specialists – psychologists and psychotherapists - working in the Center on voluntary basis.

Individual Psychological Counseling

If your mental or emotional state quickly gets worse, or you’re in crisis or despair - or you’re worried someone you know is, - do not hesitate to reach out CIC psychologist on duty available at 4-8 pm from Monday to Friday and at 12-4 pm on Saturday. Counseling is provided at Crisis Intervention Center (Antakalnis str. 97, Vilnius) face to face or via Skype. The first consultation is free of charge, no prior registration needed, no age limits.

Continuous therapeutic work is possible and highly recommended for people who find themselves suffering in crisis, loss or having suicidal thoughts. From 2nd to 8th sessions the price is 6 Eur per session. In case the client and the psychologist agree upon the need of further counseling or long-term psychotherapy, the prices of following sessions will be agreed individually.

The sessions can be paid by cash or via bank transfer.

Bank account info
Beneficiary: VšĮ Krizių įveikimo centras
Company code: 303479480
Account No: LT597300010141427031
Bank: Swedbank AB
Details: For KIC X sessions ( X – number of sessions)

Crisis Intervention Team

Sometimes psychological crisis affects a group of people, organization or whole community. This may happen in case of an accident at workplace, death or suicide of a team member or an unexpected dangerous event. A team of CIC psychologists’ team can provide urgent psychological assistance for the affected group, thus preventing from long-term negative emotional consequences.

In case of group crisis, a team of crisis intervention specialists arrives to organization and helps its members in coping with strong feelings and reactions to the event. The team provides a set of procedures applied in handling, containment, and resolution of an emergency in planned and coordinated steps. Besides the group work they also give individual consultations for the managing team and the most affected organization members and, in case of need, for their families.
CIC direktor Simona Glodenienė
Email simona@krizesiveikimas.lt
Phone no. +370 685 34258

Contact us

VŠĮ “Krizių įveikimo centras”

Tel.: +370 619 21500

Director - Simona Glodenienė
Tel.: +370 685 34258

Address: Antakalnio str. 97, Vilnius